Free Delivery on
Orders Over £50


How do I return an item?

3 Easy steps for returning an item:

1) Email sales@zarah.biz, or call the number found under 'Contact Details' on the left, telling us why you would like to return the item. 

2) After the return has been authorized by us, we will give you the address for the item to be posted back to us. The item(s) must be posted back to us in the same packaging as we posted to you. 

3) As soon as we receive the item(s), we will process the return, and we will transfer the money back into the same account as we received it from. 

Due to security reasons, we can't transfer the money to a different account from the account we received the money. For example, if you paid using PayPal, we can only refund the money into that PayPal account only, or if you paid by transferring money into our account, we can only refund the money into that same bank account.

Standard UK shipping is usually free on orders over £90.
However, is you choose to return an item, we will refund you the cost of your order minus shipping cost. For example; if your order comes to a total of £95 (which means shipping was free) and you choose to return all of that order, we can only refund you £95 minus the actual cost of posting.