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About Us
Who we are and how we started off

Zarah's Exclusive Jilbabs is a small family business based in Luton, England. After starting to wear Jilbabs herself, Polly couldn't find a shop that sold fashionable and elegant jilbabs that were reasonably priced, thus the beginning of Zarah's. 

We started off as a small shop in the heart of Bury Park but after having customers saying they lived too far away to visit our small store regularly, we decided to start up an online store to serve people all over, not only the country, but the world! 

Most of our products are exclusive to us, such as our Dubai range Jilbabs. They are designed by us and made for our customers with every detail thought about by us.

We aim to serve our brothers and sisters with excellent quality products without having to pay so much!
For more information, contact us on 01582721271. 
185 Dunstable Road (Bury Park)
England, UK

Zarah's is the trade name of Zarah Worldwide Limited. A company Registered in England. Company Details:


Company No. 07273451